Coaching Skills for Managers – Practical

This programme is for any manager who wants to expand their toolkit for handling staff and other stakeholders effectively.

This is most often run as 2- 3 separate days containing a mixture of theory and practise to allow for practise in between classroom days. This can be adapted for individual client needs.


By the end of the programme the participants will:
  • Understand the benefits of coaching to the individual, the manager and the organisation
  • Understand the differences between mentoring, coaching, raining and managing
  • Have a set of ‘tools’ that they can use to introduce a coaching approach in the leadership of their teams
  • Have experienced feedback on their approach by the use of peer feedback and trainer observation
Content includes

  • The differences between coaching, mentoring, training, managing
  • Fundamentals of coaching
  • Questioning (good coaching questions) and listening skills
  • Benefits of coaching in an organisation
  • Barriers to coaching
  • Situational leadership
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Tools, techniques and models
  • Coaching in groups
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