Workplace/Business Coaching

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Caroline has many years’ experience of working in and with organisations where coaching is used as a successful intervention to develop individual, team and organisational capacity. It can be used to improve, for example, strategic delivery, relationship management or change management as well as many other situations inhibiting organisational delivery.

Caroline can work with organisations or individual managers, from executive level to junior staff, to incorporate individual and/or team coaching to strengthen capacity and improve delivery. Coaching can be used as one aspect of team or individual development or as a stand alone intervention for managers or staff members at all levels in an organisation.
I may never have looked at enrolling on something of this nature (coach accreditation course) if my experience of coaching, in the first instance, had not been an exceptional one.
I found that as a coach Caroline offered a collaborative approach.
I found Caroline to be very approachable and flexible in arranging meetings that were mutually convenient. She has been very easy to get on with and has made me feel very comfortable at each meeting and provided support where required.