Personal Coaching

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Coaching is a one-to-one intervention where a client brings a specific goal to the coach who will give them space to explore their situation, options, etc and help them identify their way forward. It can be formal or informal, personal or professional.

Caroline brings long experience of managing constant change to her coaching.  Her approach is to encourage self exploration by the use of key questioning and empathetic listening.  She has a keen interest in helping people develop both personally and professionally and is particularly strong in building rapport and supporting clients in identifying and achieving their goals. Her own driving values are honesty, integrity and personal responsibility and she expects her coaching clients to approach their own development with the same sense of ownership and personal responsibility. She will challenge and support clients, adopting the role of challenging friend.

She can help identify key life and professional goals, supporting clients in dealing with current issues or taking new directions in their lives and careers and taking action to make their goals reality. It may be the desire for a new career path, how to build more exercise into an already busy life or how to deal with difficult relationships. The principles of client-centred coaching remain constant. The solution lies with the client and the coach’s role is to help them bring it to the surface and make it happen.

Caroline coaches face to face, depending on location, or by telephone or Skype.

She offers new personal clients a free 30 minute taster session, by telephone, to see if coaching is for them or not.
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She was very skilled in asking questions, listening and exploring my responses – encouraging me to find the answers and identify options.
This has been a very positive experience for me and one I would happily recommend to others.
Our coaching touched on some emotional issues, you dealt with these in an empathetic way whilst also challenging me and enabling me to explore these issues in order to find a way forward.